Our Programs

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Miti Alliance Model

Miti Alliance programs:

  • Green Schools Projects

    Tree Nursery Tree Planting

    Planting Orchards

  • Tree Planting/Growing Events

  • Training at Miti Alliance Tree Nursery

    These flagship programs include working with schools to set up tree nurseries. We do this by engaging environment clubs present in the school which we call Mazingira Clubs.

Green Schools project received support in 2019 through the partnership with Coopers (K) Ltd (Eco care) and agreed to join us in making Kenya green by providing us with tree seedlings for our project schools. In this project schools we establish Orchards and also plant the trees that do well in these schools considering the species that do well in the respective areas.


Green School Projects

Tree planting & Tree Nursery:

Tigoni Primary School

St. Pauls Primary School

Ngenia High School

Limuru Mission Primary

Raila Education Centre Primary School

Raila Education Centre Secondary School

Tree Side Special School

Mugiko Primary School

Nyanjega Primary School


Mazingira Clubs

Teaching on how to setup a tree nursery and sustaining it.

Tree Planting Events

Our other program focuses on Tree planting and growing activities in forested areas. So far we since 2018 we have focused on The Aberdares and Ngong Road Forest. We have partnered with various organisations namely Hikemaniak, Peperuka , Turn Up Travel through Turn Up for Good and Citi N.A Kenya through their Global Community Day2018 & 2019.


Hikemaniak - Hike & Tree Planting

Date 10/03/2018

Location: Kihuri Forest Aberdares

Trees Planted : 500

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“Our commitment to greening Kenya is to plant a tree for every item sold in the Wangari Maathai line.”

Date: 05/05/2018
Location: Kihuri Forest Aberdares

Trees Planted : 500

Citi FDN Global Community Day 0400.JPG

Date: 09/o6/2019

Venue: Ngong road Forest Section 5 near Bomas of Kenya

Trees Planted: 5000

#GCD2019 #CitiVolunteers #TUNAPANDAMITI

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Munyaka Primary

Tree Nursery and Tree Planting

Donated: Gardening implements, Water Tank, tree seeds, water pump and piping work.

Supported by Citi N.A Kenya during #GCD2018

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Marking Madaraka Day

Date: 01/o6/2019

Venue: Kihuri Forest Aberdares

Trees Planted: 1000

Partners: Peperuka + Miti

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Marking Global Community Day Worldwide

Date: 22/o6/2019

Venue: Ngong road Forest Section 5 near Bomas of Kenya

Trees Planted: 3500

#GCD2019 #CitiVolunteers #TUNAPANDAMITI #CitiKe