B4 Miti begun in 2018 - Our Impact

Tree planting projects have spun a period of over 9 years now and still going strong. Some of the projects were personal initiatives while others we partnered with others to give a hand. These were either clubs or groups that Michael Waiyaki our founder at Miti Alliance belonged to. Here is a sneak preview of the different projects we have undertaken across the country.

Mau forest tree planting : In conjunction with Miss Kenya 2009 (Fiona Konchellar) and the office of the then Prime Minister we planted 10,000 trees

Nation TV & Q fm tree planting : Pursued partnership with Qfm and Nation TV for their tree planting campaign in 2009. We organised a large group of youth to plant the trees and sensitise the community.

KQ, KLM, Roll Royce & Coca Cola With a group of Rotaractors we organized two tree planting sessions with the above team and planted about 9000 trees at Kona Baridi.   

Ngong Forest Sanctuary 2010-2013Worked with the youth group of Lavington United Church and did a successful tree planting of 120 trees in the ngong forest sanctuary and another 300 trees in Nairobi’s Karura Forest.

Seven Seas Technologies tree planting : Organised a tree planting session for the Seven Seas Technologies, where we planted 300 trees in the Karura Forest

Kenya High School tree planting : Planted 2500 trees in the school grounds in conjunction with the Kenya High students, National bank of Kenya, Nairobi Global Shapers and Rotaract Kenya.

Various tree plantings minimum 200-400 Trees : Karura Forest – Nigeria High Commission, LUC District 10, Ngong Forest Sanctuary – LUC, Rotaract District Conference and Assembly and Nairobi Global Shapers tree plantings.

Plant Your Age Campaign: Led the social media campaign towards the actual event Held at the Nairobi national park with a successful culmination of the tree planting.


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