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Our Mission:

Sustaining life. 


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How do we do it?

We provide consultancy and management services for Tree planting projects.

We carry out tree planting learning projects in schools through setting up of tree nurseries.

We followup and monitor the growth of trees we have planted through an application.

We advocate for conservation and sustainability of the environment. 

And we also have a nursery and sell tree seedlings for various tree species at affordable prices.

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Our Impact

Through past experiences working with schools across Kenya and Tanzania. We recognised the great need in schools for trees and the importance they play in the community. We decided to start Miti Alliance Ltd a social enterprise focusing on environmental sustainability through planting and growing trees.

We love nature and we want to make a difference in the environment around us.

We plant the trees and provide skills to manage and sustain the planted trees for a greener environment and a greener future.

Our focus also is on planting fruit trees that are very beneficial to students balanced diet and overall nutrition. 



Trees Planted

Over 30000 trees planted in protected areas, schools, homesteads and forests.



Years Serving communities

For over 9 years we have been planting trees during the short and long rains in Kenya.



250 Thousand people Impacted

During our tree planting activities we have impacted at least 250000 people, reached over 1,000,000 through social media campaigns on facebook, twitter and instagram.


“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

African proverb 


Partners/Sponsor in past tree planting activities. Without forgetting individuals who have committed to support us through the years. 

Thank you 



Get Involved

You can volunteer, support or participate at any of our tree planting events. 

Thank you to all Miti Volunteers for your continued support to make a difference.

Join us today:


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Become a Trainer in Schools

Become a Tree Planter

Learn how to grow trees

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer to visit an environment club in a school near you. 

Join us as we create an army of environmentalists.

Make a Donation

Our target this year is  100 schools, 100 tree nurseries in 5 counties in Kenya. We cannot do this without your help.